10 Stereotypes About beauty services at home in Mumbai That Aren’t Always True.

1)Some beauty parlours are advertising and giving trust but they are not so good with their work

So first we have to take the whole information of the salon which you want. Then you should see the reviews, ratings and people comments if it has good reviews and high rate then only you should go with that salon.

There are many chain salons that offer over-hyped services that are not really satisfactory.

2)When you consider laser hair removal…and they don’t require a consultation

3)When you ask for a hairstyle…and your stylist doesn’t even glance at the picture.

4)When you a massage …and your treatment room isn’t spic and span

5)When you run in for a manicure …and they use toxic polish

6)When you want highlights …and your colourist uses food reference instead of images

7)When you get a blowout …. your stylist uses old tools

8)Blow drying becomes a damaging nightmare

9)Your example picture is disregarded

10)A trim should mean a trim

“that’s not looking how I wanted it to”. These words should never, ever be uttered during a hair appointment. whether it is cut or colour, you need to be able to trust your hairdresser, or problems will inevitably follow. Hearing this could mean that the hairdresser is inexperienced, wasn’t paying attention or any number of other things. Even if the hair is not coming out how it’s expected to, the hairdresser should never stay that to the client in the middle of the appointment.

There aren’t any licenses displayed

First and foremost, you only want to go to a place that employs technicians trained in proper manicure and pedicure procedures, as well as of the related hygiene and safety issue.

Most states require that licenses be prominently displayed, and any legit salon will most certainly have them up usually right where you check in, near the cash register.

Don’t just glance; make sure the licenses are current and represent the people who are actually working there. Take note if there are many more beauticians working than there are licenses displayed.


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