A Dark Satire

There is no evidence required that economists comment on the problems farmers have come to a point of distress. When the counselor who motivates the consultation is so dumb as to say that the agitation of the farmers was political and justifies it citing the suicide of declining farmers and the prosperity of the farmers upwards (“Why farmers have riots?” By Surjit Bhalla, IE, June 10) We can only respond.
The decline in suicides by farmers is a classic case of selectively torturing data when the same data show that farmers ‘suicides increased by 42 percent by 2015. After 2014, farmers’ suicide is listed separately from those of Agricultural work, so the disparity of data on suicide. Many states such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Odisha have even refused to record the suicide of farmers and now under-report. Data on farmers’ suicide are not reliable; For example, the land is usually registered in the name of men, so when farmers commit suicide, they are not counted.
It is a dark satire to tell a farmer that minimum support price changes (MSP), CPI and MPI reflect farmers ‘incomes doubled and farmers’ suicides are declining. The trigger of recent disturbances agriculturally depressed the price of the farm. The government declaring a high MSP is not enough. For some crops, an MSP is declared, but more than two-thirds of all these crops are sold under MSP or less than the previous years – which is what matters in the field.
More than 80% of agricultural products are not purchased as part of the MSP. Even the prices of vegetables are about half. In addition, the BJP’s electoral program promised the 50% crop production cost over MS Swaminathan’s pricing formula, the government silently filed a sworn statement before the Supreme Court, claiming that it can not be implemented. Farmers are losing hope and faith in this government, just as they did with previous governments that have systematically broken their promises.
Last year in Maharashtra, farmers were forced to sell milk at a reasonable price of 16 liters compared to the average purchase price of Rs 35 per liter in many other states. Most farmers raise animals and suffer from low milk prices, affected by imports induced butter oil policy (butter). They now face a ban on restrictions on the sale of cattle and buffalo bison. The cash flows of each farmer are interrupted. This has added to the accumulated frustration, which exploded.
After a decade of bad politics, the agitation of farmers in Maharashtra wants. But agitation in Madhya Pradesh, a state where agriculture would grow at an incredible rate of double-digit growth, suffocation, almost all universities. Economists have “skinned the game” who proclaimed farmers’ prosperity through agricultural GDP and agricultural production numbers, are now trying to escape guilt by brandishing “political” agitation. Increases in production do not lead to increases in income. On the contrary, when peaks of production, farmers suffer.
Farmers’ agitation is not just about the deflation and poverty induced by demonetization, but also the frustrations that result from unfulfilled aspirations and understanding on the part of farmers that other communities have made progress at their expense. By deliberately ignoring how farmers remain the main tool to control inflation, academics out of the center of the issue of the situation of farmers.

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