A look at Syria’s conflict, as mutual enemies close in on IS

The Islamic State group withdrew in Syria and Iraq, and the outlines of a new conflict between the groups of the parties that already fight that begin to appear. The US military toppled a fighter plane on Sunday the Syrian government, saying it had addressed the Kurdish allied forces to the Americans fighting the extremists in its de facto capital, Raqqa. This has led Russia, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, to warn that it would target US-led coalition aircraft flying from the Euphrates River.

Another front extends downstairs, with Assad’s forces, who are also fighting against the Islamic State group, which reach the Iraqi border in the Far East. There seem to be joining the Iranian-backed militias, the establishment of a vital land corridor from Damascus to Tehran.

The latest events are carried out is from Syria, away from the main battles of the civil war, which remains angry despite a largely ignored plan “de-escalating” mediated by Russia, Iran, and Turkey.
Here is a look that coincides with the main actors in the conflict.

He survived six years of war and has largely overcome the uprising against his family’s four decades of domination. Now in control of Syria’s five largest cities, Assad sees Deir el-Zour in the east, which has been besieged by IS since 2014.

Gathering Deir el-Zour Assad would help ensure access to natural gas and mineral resources, and open a potentially lucrative corridor for neighboring Iraq. But the transition to the border has already brought in conflict with the opposition forces with the support of the United States to the south and east.

No country has invested more in Assad’s survival than Iran, which has sponsored thousands of pro-government militias throughout the region and injects billions of dollars to prevent the economy from collapsing.
Now it seems he wants to help Assad’s resume. On Sunday, Iran launched ballistic missiles against targets found in eastern Syria, the first such attack being carried out since at least 2001.

Iran launched the strike in response to the Islamic State’s attacks in Tehran last week that killed at least 18 people and injured more than 50. However, the Revolutionary Guard said it was sending a wider message its gunnery Saudi Arabia and the United States.
Russia has carried out an air campaign in support of Assad since 2015, aimed at both the Islamic state group and the main rebel. Moscow has recently declared SI leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed, but this has not been confirmed.

For most of the past two years, the United States and Russia have coordinated their various campaigns filled in heaven over Syria, but as their allied forces converge eastward, it could be more difficult.
Russia said on Monday it was suspending its cooperation mechanism with the United States in response to the downgrading of the Syrian war plan and threatening to destroy enemy planes in the territory of the Syrian government in the West.

I could be fanatics. Russia suspended the same mechanisms in April after the United States gave a Syrian military base in response to a chemical attack, but resumed participation weeks later.

The US-led coalition provides air support to Syrian-led democratic forces in their struggle to recover Raqqa, the capital of the Califato auto is the group, where attacks in 2015 in Paris and other foreign plots were incubated.

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