A story of two lynchings – and the silence of Hindu India

The reason for the attack, as usual, these days, was trivial – a discussion for a seat on a train. The victims, as they are today, were Muslims, in this case, three brothers on the road to Delhi after the Eid has purchased the holy city of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh Thursday. The argument has accelerated rapidly, as is usual these days in northern India in the religious identity of the three brothers.

A beard was removed, brothers and slapped on the two friends and was delighted to be meat eaters, Shabir, 23, told Indian Express from a hospital bed. Alleged abuse with claps until finally, according to the first report of the information presented by the police, the group of 10 to 12 young Hindu men pulled out knives and stabbed the brothers and their friends. The spectators did not intervene, but, as usual, these days, photographs were taken. A photo shows a train compartment drenched in blood. In another, Junaid, 15, his smooth and smooth face Berre on his brother’s knees while he is on the platform floor of a Haryana station, is dying.

The descent of India into the original blood is disturbing. This is not only because the victims are usually minorities, predominantly Muslim and Dalit, reason enough to be disturbed. The wave of lynchings, almost all reported after Narendra Modi has come to power in 2014, now refers to the media, receive little attention from the government and does not move the majority or the collective consciousness of the nation.

Today Junaid died in the arms of his brother, there was another lynching to the north, and this time the Hindu right reaction was strong – a Muslim policeman was robbed and beaten to death by a mob of Muslims in front of a mosque in Srinagar. The killer has even surprised the separatists in a country brutally by death, and do not hesitate to tell him.

In Hindu law, lynching Assistant Superintendent Mohammed Ayub Pandith was a virtual stick to defeat the Liberals.

Of course, Paresh Rawal, a winner of Padma Shri and a Member of Parliament, has nothing to say about Junaid’s murder and never said anything else that preceded it.

The lynching of minorities in northern India has been marked by the silence of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which regulates all northern states except Punjab and Delhi. The only response to the death last week of a Muslim man beaten to death by officials, because he tried to prevent defecation by photographing women, came from Rajasthan’s chief minister, Vasundhara Raje, who acknowledged the “disappearance” but a little plus.

The death of Junaid met with the silence of the BJP, its main ministers, and other party politicians, a common reaction. Last month, the BJP when politicians were outraged by the public massacre of a calf by congressional workers in Kerala, Alt News, a liberal news site, controlled 100 times BJP politicians see what they said about the murder of Khan Pehlu 55 milk producer who was lynched for cattle transport in April. None of the 100 had responded.

Now it seems that the Narendra Modi government wants to ignore even the multiculturalism software symbols that imply Islam. One day after Junaid’s lynching, no BJP minister appeared in the traditional Iftar President in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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