Britain seeks ‘special’ EU ties as Brexit talks start

BRUSSELS: Secretary David Davis Brexit arrived in Brussels on Monday to launch talks aimed at producing a “new, deep and special partnership” with the EU in the interests of the British and all Europeans.
As part of his interview with European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier at the Berlaymont headquarters, Britain’s veteran defender to leave the bloc said it was a “positive and constructive” tone in the talks, adding: “There are more things that unite us that separate us.”
Barnier, a former French minister, expressed impatience in the past that Britain took almost a year to start talks. Looking darker than his British counterpart, he said he hoped they would accept a Monday format and schedule.

His priority, he said, was to clarify the uncertainty that the Brexit vote last June had created. He and Davis must hold a joint press conference at night.
Nearly a year to date, Britons are surprised and neighbors voting on June 23 to break up with their main trading partner, and about three months while Prime Minister Theresa May locked them in an account up to two years in Brexit March 2019, almost nothing about the future is clear.
Even immediate political survival is questionable May, 10 days after it has lost its majority in an election.
Officials on both sides downplay the expectations of what can be achieved in a day. EU diplomats hope that this first meeting and a summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, in which they can meet, but will not negotiate with other EU leaders, improving the atmosphere after some thorny exchanges.
The Davis agreed Monday’s agenda has led some EU officials to believe that the government may finally be concerned about how the negotiations should be held in Brussels.

The electoral debacle in May boosted the struggles against Europeans by conservative that its predecessor, David Cameron hoped to end up calling the consultation and let the EU leaders clear about their plan for a “Britain” more consider pure madness.
While “Brexiteers” as Davis firmly supported the correct break proposed by May with the Single Market and the Customs Union, Finance Minister Philip Hammond, and others echoed business calls for less than a “hard Brexit” And maintain close ties customs.
With the displeasure of the Europhile Scotland and Northern Ireland in trouble, facing a new EU border across the divided island, Brexit raises new threats to the integrity of the UK.

It will highlight the ingenuity of thousands of civil servants working against the clock to unravel the 44 years of EU membership before Britain is out there 649 days, March 30, 2019. For officials sitting on Monday at least the EU, the biggest concern is that Britain collapsed in a limbo without agreement.
Therefore, Brussels wants to guarantee the priority rights of 3 million EU citizens in Britain and be paid tens of billions that London says its departure.

With over one million British expatriates in the EU, you may also want to agree on citizens’ rights, even though the two sides differ. The willingness to pay a “Brexit card” may be more inflammatory.

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