Former Google exec Nikesh Arora in the running to take Travis Kalanick’s Uber job

Former Google exec Nikesh Arora in the running to take Travis Kalanick’s Uber job

Wanted: Experienced manager to take the first position in a technology start-up difficulties. It must be willing to repair a broken culture, to deal with an aggressive predecessor to fight against a risk judgment and the preparation of the company for an initial public offering. With preferred initiative.

This is essentially land is qu’Uber potential candidates for CEO after Travis Kalanick, co-founder of the company, was expelled from the first place last month.

According to some versions, the work seems ungrateful in a company whose reputation is in the toilet. So who would want it?

Many people, as it turns out.
Despite a series of scandals that have dominated Uber in the heart of this year’s competition for the position of general manager is strong, according to people who know the investigation that asked to remain anonymous because the process is confidential .

The company has undergone a wave of interest, and M. Kalanick left his seat in June and the Uber Board interviewed several candidates.

For these candidates, the calculation is easy. Despite the Uber problems, leaders see an opportunity to guide the company – operating in more than 80 countries and making one billion dollars every quarter – the most difficult time in its history eight years.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is connected to solving problems and wants to get a spin on the company’s image,” said Jason Hanold, associate director of Hanold Associates, a store management research firm.

“Yes, they inherit the Uber toxic culture, but they also receive thousands of employees who are hungry for change.

The opportunity to have an impact is high. In addition to the opportunity to take a revocation, any CEO could enter a business that has already reached a huge scale.

Consequently, changes made by a new head of state would affect millions of people around the world, not to mention Uber working for more than 15,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of contract drivers.

The head of any executive would also have the option of taking public Uber. The company, which began in 2009, is now a privately held company in the world, with an evaluation of around 70 billion. And even if Uber is not profitable, his income increased.

That would make an initial public offering of a major event on Wall Street, and for Silicon Valley investors betting a billion on Uber’s success.

For now, the Uber executive’s research committee, which includes five members of its Board of Directors, has declared the list of candidates. After a torrent leak before the departure of M. Kalanick, two people familiar with the investigation said that there had been renewed efforts to be quiet.

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