What is GATE Exam and how to apply for the Exam ?

GATE – Engineering Graduate

It is a post-graduate test in all engineering disciplines

By giving GATE exam can get PSU and IIT admissions, NIT and other private colleges and gov from the state.

If you want to pursue a career in the Govt sector Mtech or ready to opt for this exam and well prepare for the exam.


Undergraduate student last year or grade completed.

The age limit also exists.


All engineering studies completed or in the last year can ask by filling out the form towards October on the official website of the door.

Each door exam is organized by different IITs, for example, this year organized by IIT 2017 guwathi door.

How to prepare for GATE?

Once you have made your decision to appear for the exam preparation GATE 2018 GATE has begun. An effective strategy to prepare for the GATE exam is to start by creating a schedule for the preparation of the GATE exam. Here’s how to plan your GATE 2016 preparation.

Once you read with your schedule, you must follow a clear strategy for cracking GATE exam. You can also follow the expert’s strategy to guide you in your preparation. This is the strategy to break the GATE 2016 exam shared by GATE tops
UPE recruitment by GATE 2018

The DIPLOMA Engineering Test (GATE) not only test their technical skills, but also test their analytical and logical skills. This is the reason why a number of PSUs or public sector companies to recruit through the gate. The number of recruiting companies is increasing and 2015 has gradually seen 27 more companies to be recruited through the 2015 gate. This recruitment policy seems to be in favor of many PSUs. Obtain information on the recruitment of PSUs by GATE 2018.

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