Labour MP says acid attacks should be treated in same way as knife crimes

Labour MP says acid attacks should be treated in same way as knife crimes

Stronger, more consistent sentences are needed for people guilty of acid attacks, a former minister said.

Stephen Timms calls the acid regret and proposes to authorize the purchase of sulfuric acid, since it requested the modification of the guidelines on the sentence.

It came after a teenager was arrested after two male suspects who were driving on a moped driven five acid attacks through London during a 90 minute test.

The Metropolitan Police said a victim had injuries “change” after being excavated Thursday east of the capital.

PM working on a debate that raises the acid attacks in the Commons on Monday told BBC Today’s Radio 4 program: “I think the penalties imposed by those attacks should be reviewed – guidelines for the sentence.

“I think we should have more severe and more consistent sentences for those who are guilty of performing these attacks.”
M. Timms said transporting a bottle of sulfuric acid without justification should be considered a crime, such as carrying a knife and said that there was a case to reconsider when it was appropriate to use detain powers and investigation.

He said: “I believe that transporting acids must itself be a crime, in the same way that using a knife would not have been a crime in recent years.

“I think there has been a fairly effective change – I think the same change should be made in the acid.”
M. Timms also asked that sulfuric acid be upgraded to obtain a license to buy the chemical, which says: “Sulfuric acid is already covered by the Explosives Precursor Regulation presented last year but is in a kind of low class In the present regulation.

“I think it should be taken to the top category, which means you must have a license to buy.”

Home Ministry Minister Sarah Newton said the government was working on three points raised by M. Timms.

Mrs. Newton said the same program: “I and my colleagues in the Home Office have been increasingly concerned about escalating incidents, especially in London, working with the Metropolitan Police and community police for a few months.

He added: “We are following each and every one of them to ensure that if there is more we can do, yes, we will take appropriate action.”

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