Muslims targeted by violence in wake of ISIS-claimed attacks

LONDON (Reuters) – The attack on Muslim worshipers outside a London mosque Monday + Monday following a growing wave of violence and harassment of Muslims in Britain and around the world.
Earlier this month, a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf told Lancashire police that her car was hit by a vomit bag. The faithful of the Omar Faruque Cambridge met groups of amateurs linked to their vehicles. Several Muslim families reported that they had received warning letters: “You are no longer welcome in this country.” The results indicate that they have been spitting.
In Britain, Muslims say they are affected by a wave of animosity and violence simply because of their dress and worship, and because they share a religion sequestered by a bloody extremist bloc as an Islamic state, which was quickly collected. Responsibility for recent attacks in Britain and elsewhere. In Monday’s attack, a man took a van to a crowd of worshipers, injuring at least nine people – a tactic used in recent attacks on the Westminster and London Bridges.
London police commissioner Cressida Dick said Monday’s assault on two mosques during the holy month of Ramadan was clearly “an attack on Muslims.”
“We are easy targets because of the way we dress and when we pray,” said Hassan Ali, a 34-year-old resident of Finsbury Park, a north London neighborhood home to a large Muslim population and where an attack occurred. “But whenever there is an attack here or elsewhere, we are blamed. When they attack us, they hide their eyes.”
Since the wave of terrorist attacks inspired by the SI in Britain, there were five times more crimes of hatred against Muslims. Tensions have also been common since Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, a vote that was largely motivated by anti-immigrant rhetoric – a message that was reinforced by some of the right-wing tabloids of the Great Britain and Propagated by the populist politicians European by the immigration and the terrorism related to RS.
“I feel unstable,” said Emma Salem, a 15-year-old Muslim who lives in her neighborhood Monday.
These attacks on Muslims have experienced an overall increase. In January, a white nationalist opened fire at an Islamic cultural center in Quebec City, Canada, killing six people and wounding 20. In the same month, the Travis Lake Islamic Center in Austin, Texas, was destroyed by the Fire in what the authorities call a crime of hatred and another mosque was burned to the ground. Last year, about 100 mosques were attacked in Germany and dozens of Europeans were attacked by arsonists this year.
The agitation of tension plays an important role in the propaganda of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, and the propaganda of the political groups on the right.
Brendan Cox, MP + widower Jo Cox, said the far-right and Islamist extremists are fueled by polarization.
“Far-right fascists and Islamic terrorists are motivated by the same hate for the difference, the same ideology of supremacy and using the same tactics,” he wrote on Twitter.
The Islamic State and Al Qaeda group sent Muslims living in the West, repeatedly saying that they will never be fully accepted members in a society of infidels.
The idea was to create mistrust and give the two extreme sides. In the case of IS, the propaganda went even further, warning Muslims that if they had not participated in the struggle for the defense of the self-reported extremist caliphate in Iraq and Syria, or that they committed attacks in their homeland, We’re accomplices of a system of oppression against Muslims.
Supporters of the Islamic State used the Monday attack on sources of other tensions and noted that the attacker, identified as Darren Osborne, 47, has not killed to death, unlike the London + attackers bridge. “Muslims, you have to get up, the war begins in your own streets,” the message said, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.
“Muslims are used repeatedly as a political game and parties in a propaganda campaign,” said Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadan Foundation. “The meteoric rise of Islamophobia has been perpetuated by good newspapers and exits. This led to an atmosphere where it is accepted

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