Opposition jolted as Nitish Kumar, Mayawati say ‘positive’ on Ram Nath Kovind

Hours after the BJP appointed a governor of Bihar, Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit leader, as a candidate for the NDA for the presidential election, the first signs of division in the opposition camp have emerged, although sources have said that parties Are preparing for a competition.
The JD (U) and BSP indicated that they did not oppose Govind’s candidacy, but they stopped supporting. Congress, the left, and Congress-Trinamool reported that a contest appeared to be on the cards.
In Patna, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called Govind to Raj Bhavan and later told the press: “As the prime minister of Bihar, it is a matter of happiness that our governor was declared a candidate for the next President of India. ”
He refused to support the NDA election, “Not only will it answer this question because the discussions will soon be held among opposition leaders on the issue of a candidate for the post of president.” Said he had expressed his views on the development of RJD chief Lalu Prasad and Congressional President Sonia Gandhi.
In Lucknow, BSP boss Mayawati said: “BSP support can not be negative towards a Dalit candidate for the post of president. Our stand will be positive provided the opposition does not impose any Dalit for the first turn ..” could be difficult for parties Such as the DMK, which is often sung the mantra of social justice, to oppose a Dalit. The Samajwadi Party, according to opposition sources, also seemed undecided and Govind is from Uttar Pradesh.
Sources said that the prospects of occupying former House Speaker Meira Kumar were bright. Former Interior Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde could also be considered the Maharashtra leader’s application to attract the support of NDA Constituency Shiv Sena. “How can a candidate be excluded from the Dalit opposition … could be Meira Kumar,” said an opposition leader to The Indian Express.
Lee: “The non-Dalit political name would have been better” Mayawati on the presidential candidate
The first indication that the opposition could reject the BJP consensus call came to Congress calling on the party to unilaterally announce its candidate. Opposition parties will meet on Thursday to decide on their strategy. Sonia Gandhi will chair the meeting. The opposition will face a Dalit face as an accountant to ensure that they remain united.
The opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Azad Nabi said the party reserve their comments but said the decision was unilateral BJP. “Yes, the government has contacted some opposition leaders, including the president of the Congress and Manmohan Singhji by telephone, but we told them the name after making the decision.
“We will not comment on the merits and efforts of the candidate … We hoped that before making the final decision on the candidate, they will come back to us, the other political parties. I think every opposition party has led to Understand that before making the final decision, they will be taken into account and the names will be discussed, but that did not happen.This is the sweet will of the Government to the NDA, “Azad said.

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