Report card: How has the Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh performed in the last 100 days?

While the total main minister of 100 days, depending on Adityanath June 25 the Uttar Pradesh government is preparing to distribute a list of its achievements even if the opposition intends to hear about its inability to keep the rule fair in the state.

Although Qu’Adityanath has started with an explosion – for example, working more than 12 hours a day in its first month of office and attending at least 80 presentations from different departments describing the roadmap for the future – its administration was Strict enough in the implementation of government decisions. In the last 100 days he may have had a strange success, but he has failed to meet several points.

The opposition is particularly concerned about the rule of law in the state, which has seen incidents between castes and conflicts between communities, police morality, and attacks on the police by Hindutva groups since Adityanath took prime minister message On the 19th of March. As one of the BJP voting planks was the restoration of law and order in the state – Adityanath said that his government had inherited “Raj jungle” from the previous Samajwadi Party government – incidents gave the opposition a way to beat the BJP con.

“Time can be given to development issues, but no compensation will be awarded for the deteriorating status of laws and ordinances in the state,” said Choudhary Ramgovind, leader of the opposition State Assembly.

Here is the summary of announcements, achievements and controversies that marked the first 100 days of BJP government in Uttar Pradesh.

The Adityanath government decided to waive agricultural loans worth 36,000 CRS at its first cabinet meeting on April 4 in Lucknow. Nearly 86 lakh small and marginal farmers would benefit from this movement. However, the waiver has not been implemented, and farmers have received no benefits. After many farmers complain that they have received notices of recovery from banks not repaying their loans, Adityanath chaired a high-level meeting on June 9 in which banks are paid not to send such notice to farmers entitled to Loan exemption. The state government has now declared that it would implement the waiver after a budget allocation for which it was made, which is expected in July. The opposition criticizes the delay.

One of the first decisions of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, leaving illegal slaughterhouses. It was taken on March 22, three days after Adityanath has endorsed and approved by the Council of Ministers on April 4. As most cities in Uttar Pradesh do not have official slaughterhouses in the private sector – it is mostly an unorganized sector – Most government owned slaughterhouses were closed because they do not comply with the licensing rules , Repression has resulted in a shortage of meat – particular buffalo meat, but also sheep and chicken – in the market. The ones at the reception were mostly Muslims dedicated to the meat industry. Despite several protests and a strike called by the meat vendors, illegal slaughterhouses remain closed. During the last week of April, the State Special Task Force has developed a scam at gas stations have deceived customers, giving them less fuel than they paid.

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