This heartwarming post of an ex-air force pilot wishing his wife on Father’s Day is going viral for all right reasons

The word “father” can evoke an image of a man, but in reality it is a concept that can mean different things for different people. Anyone who is by your side, keeps and protects, who can be similar to a father, and this person does not have to be a man. And this is very well expressed by an Air Force pilot who shared his story with Mumbai humans and revealed that his wife was by his side and looked after their children during his absence. He met her in 1967, and in a matter of days he knew she was the one he was supposed to be. After an almost whimsical affair, they got married. And after that, he stood beside her like a rock, even if he was absent from his nation’s duty. “Everything I am today, I owe it to my wife.” While I was away, it was most of the year, she was a mother and the father of our children, “he wrote. “She lived constantly with the fear of losing her husband, but she put my dreams before her fears … So, really, I say when I say I am thanks to her. I love my children, it is an honor for me To be his father, but today I would like my wife, “Happy Father’s Day”, and thank you for all you have done for us, “he adds. People as his endearing story and his position has more than 6,000 friends and 400 shares at the time of writing.
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“My family and I emigrated to Rajasthan Pakistan in 1947. Even though I was only 5 years old at the time … I remember the appearance of riots to date.It was all in turmoil and remained on the platform, While the elderly people were looking for a place to rent and work to survive. Things have definitely settled and I have finished my studies in Jodhpur.
The most beautiful part of the growth in Jodhpur was watching the planes fly over us all day because Jodhpur was a base of the Indian Air Force. After seeing that my country was torn by the partition and feels so passionately about the planes and fly … my biggest dream was to grow to join the Indian air army. It was a greater privilege that I had to live that dream, I served as a combat pilot in the Indian army for 25 years. The first war I fought was in 1965 against Pakistan and I remember flying over the border to save our troops and thank God I chose to serve the bravest men that India ever see – our jawans.
I was alone in these early years, but my life changed for the second time, when I met my wife in 1967 on a badminton rink in Halwara. She was the daughter of a chief accountant and I remember my friend told me “sardarni Hein, Hein Lambi – Ja ke Baat Kar” At that time, everyone was so shy, but I loved him so much that the next day I took a side box to His family who stayed in Ludhiana. I made an excuse that I passed, but his father, who knew me from the army invited me to dinner the next day. I exchanged very few words with her, but I knew that she was the only one for me during these first encounters. Shortly after, he went to the hostel in Chandigarh, but he used it to write letters and every time he had the opportunity, he drove for 2 and a half hours on my bike to watch for half an hour! One of the funniest memories I have is during this time when I went to see her, she took to eating in Shimla, then I fell on her back … she was so innocent, so pure.

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