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The long-term success of the American people demands attention to serving the needs of American youth, who will eventually inherit this great nation. At Forge Advocacy, we assemble the brightest minds among college-aged youth to engage in non-partisan analysis of policy research and develop political advocacies that will best ensure the future success of all young Americans. Welcome to Forge, where we make our own future.

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Public Policy


At Forge, we strive to create comprehensive legislation to solve problems South Carolina is facing in all policy matters. Created with the most stringent background research preparations, our policy options help prepare a brighter future. 



While Forge promotes its own legislation, it also provides lobbying and consulting services to groups looking to introduce potential legislation of their own. Using our experience and connections, Forge Advocacy is your aide to seeing your needs in South Carolina.



A core attribute to Forge is the guidelines we use to gather evidence. We use this evidence to create policy briefs for our legislators, write articles about current trends and bills around the nation, and prepare against bills that harm our future.