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Forge has already helped in forging a new future for America. Members of Forge have been instrumental in introducing legislation such as: 

  • GA HB1078 (2015-2016): Raise the High-school Dropout Age to 17
  • SC HB 4078 (2016-2017): Allowing military veterans first priority in registering for classes at public universities 
  • SC HB 4079 (2016-2017): Transcripts are marked for a period of five years if the student is found guilty by the university's judicial process for sexual assault or related charges

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Public Policy


At Forge, we strive to create comprehensive legislation to solve problems South Carolina is facing in all policy matters. Created with the most stringent background research preparations, our policy options help prepare a brighter future. 

Political Advocacy


As a non-profit, Forge works with other NGOs, think tanks, and organizations to promote sensible legislation. By utilizing our contacts in the state legislature, Forge moves at lightning pace to ensure bills are being properly vetted and moved through our government.



A core attribute to Forge is the guidelines we use to gather evidence. We use this evidence to create policy briefs for our legislators, write articles about current trends and bills around the nation, and prepare against bills that harm our future.