Forging Ahead

Below is a portfolio of how Forge Advocacy has helped to ensure that America's best days are yet to come. 

We are comprised of  the finest students across the nation, bringing in a wide range of experiences to make sure we get it right.

So, whether it's education, the environment, the economy, infrastructure, or Health, Forge Advocacy has both the acumen and experience to help solve South Carolina's problems. 



Comprised of students, Forge is committed to ensure South Carolina's education system becomes the best in the nation. Members of Forge have been instrumental in introducing legislation such as: 

GA HB1078 (2015-2016): Raise the High-school Dropout Age to 17

SC HB 4079 (2016-2017): Transcripts are marked for a period of five years if the student is found guilty by the university's judicial process for sexual assault or related charges


South Carolina is blessed with a diverse state with an abundance of resources and nature. Forge is devoted to protecting the environment of South Carolina while also finding new ways to integrate technology into those that rely on the land.


Forge looks to help all people of South Carolina live the American Dream. By balancing proper research and fair practices, Forge has the experience to create cohesive solutions using new ways of thinking.


Forge stands by veterans and active duty members of the United States military. Recognizing the need for proper reintegration after active service, Forge continues to lobby for increased opportunities for our veterans such as: 

SC HB 4078 (2016-2017): Allowing military veterans first priority in registering for classes at public universities 


The safety and health of Americans remains a priority for Forge. Using the latest data, Forge is creating new answers to old problems in the areas of mental health, physical health, school safety, and public health.