Not Your Father's Lobbying Firm

A Fresh Approach

In a political climate operating at the speed of light, it is tempting to fall back on the stalwarts of industry. Indeed, what could be safer than to use one bureaucracy to lobby another? In a word: everything. From her inception, America's politics have been defined by their rapidly moving sea of events,  and Forge is here to guide you in shaping the seas yet to come. 

The Next Generation of Lobbyists for the Next Generation of Policy

Forge Advocacy Inc. is made up of the finest students across the nation, bringing in a wide range of experiences to make sure we get it right. Whether it's education, the environment, the economy, infrastructure, or health, Forge has the experience to help solve South Carolina's problems. As we are comprised of students, we are uniquely equipped to guide you through our generation's challenges. 


Forge has already helped in forging a new future for America. 

Members of Forge have been instrumental in introducing legislation such as: 

  • GA HB1078 (2015-2016): Raise the High-school Dropout Age to 17
  • SC HB 4078 (2016-2017): Allowing military veterans first priority in registering for classes at public universities 
  • SC HB 4079 (2016-2017): Transcripts are marked for a period of five years if the student is found guilty by the university's judicial process for sexual assault or related charges